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Review our current list of membership options and benefits. Once you sign up, you can manage your membership and profile through the Linux Foundation LFX toolkit. All Open19 Project members must also be members of the Linux Foundation. We look forward to having you as part of the Open19 project.

Open19 Project aims to create and nurture the leading community for datacenter and in-rack hardware innovation in the world.

As the Open Hardware Project of the Linux Foundation, our community designs open standards for the modern datacenter that are customizable, flexible and economical.

The Open19 Community enables data center operators, suppliers and users to collectively solve common challenges for a data-driven future. Open19 technology standards address use cases for data center operators of all sizes.

Benefits of Open19 Membership

Why Join?

  • Disaggregated data centers
  • Faster integration
  • Cost Effective with large savings on key components
The project includes 4 major technology areas:
  1. The heart of the Open19 system is the mechanical form factor, called the “brick cage”
  2. The Open19 system brings safe, efficient and redundant power with per eFuse monitoring to every server. A snap-in power cable harness is used to reach each server brick.
  3. Server bricks are a defined mechanical sled design that fit standard half and full width motherboards and mate with the Brick Cage, as well as power and data couplers. Each brick receives 400W of power and 100G of data connectivity.
  4. A high speed data cable is used to bring flexible connectivity to each brick.

The modular benefit of the Open19 solution allow for highly flexible rack deployments, either per customer or even on a rack by rack basis, while retaining the efficiency and cost benefits of an integration hyperscale solution. Additionally, given the tool-less and cable-less installation model for server bricks, long integration cycles and expensive on-site technicians are removed. There is no need for expensive and lengthy “rack and roll” deployment models with Open19 — allowing customers to deploy their server investments in a just-in-time model.

The Marketplace

visit our Vendor Marketplace to see available systems, components and solutions.

Join Us

Non Profit & Individuals

Cost: FREE
  • Receive monthly Open19 Newsletter
  • Notification of availability of public content, such as high level specifications and designs
  • Priority registration access to the Open19 Foundation Summit events
  • Opportunity to participate in technical sessions and hack-a-thons at annual Summit events
  • Early access to information releases

General Members

Cost: $5,000 – $20,000/year
  • Receive monthly Open19 Newsletter
  • Notification of Open19 technology specification updates
  • Invitation to attend and exhibit/sponsor at Open19 Foundation Summit events
  • Use of Open19 Foundation trademark in promotion of Foundation membership
  • Reviewer, contributor, and leadership opportunities on collaborative projects
  • Recognition on website as Open19 Foundation Member and in blog posts, social media posts, and videos developed to highlight Foundation member perspectives
  • Option to distribute “single source” projects under foundation framework, subject to board approval Access to project deliverables at design reproducibility level
  • Open19 technology-based product placement in
  • Open19 Marketplace on Open19 Foundation website Co-marketing opportunities as appropriate via shared events, social media, press releases, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in Open19 Foundation Working Groups
  • Opportunity to represent the Open19 Foundation at industry events, as appropriate

Premier Members

Cost: $100,000/year
  • All benefits listed in previous tiers
  • Appoint a representative to the Open19 foundation Steering committee
  • Shape the structure of the Open19 Foundation community
  • Drive Open19 technology innovation and collaboration
  • First access to Open19 Foundation Summit presentation slots Opportunity to develop content for release on website, in newsletter, and other Open19 Foundation materials, as appropriate Access to Open19 technology pre-release information and design files

To Become a Member

Step 1: For those organizations who are not already a member of the Linux Foundation, please join.

Step 2: If you are already a Linux Foundation member or have completed the above step, please complete the DocuSign to join Open19. This must be completed by a designated signatory.