Server Bricks

Servers in Open19 leverage standard 19″ form factor motherboards and are configured into an open standard “brick” – essentially a sheet metal housing that allows for easy and tool-free installation into a brick cage and supports the Open power and data cable cutouts. Server manufacturers can leverage existing motherboard designs, as well as midplane / disk enclosures, to easily modify existing investments for Open19 server brick delivery. Manufacturers can custom design Open19 couplers as part of their motherboards or use an interposer to convert power and data from the Open19 coupler to the Motherboard.

Flexible Server Design

Sample Brick

The innovative brick form factor allows for ultimate in customization (including proprietary designs) while enabling standardization around the common components of modern data center racks: power, data and physical access.

Brick Connectors

Rear View of Brick

Shown here is a Brick (1/2 width, 1U) with the Open19 Power (right side) and data (left side) connectors. Once the brick slides into the Brick Cage, the power and data connectors securely connect with the blind mate power and data connectors installed in the rear of the cage.