Brick Cage

The heart of the Open19 system is the Brick Cage, a simple and elegant mechanical cage that fits within a standard 19″ data center, telco or IT rack. The cage comes in 4U, 8U and 12U versions and can accommodate standardized server bricks. The key design features of the Brick Cage are the standardized power and data connector cutouts that enable “cable-less” server brick installation, improve airflow and enable industry standard server designs to easily fit in standard depth racks.

Brick Cage

Standard Mechanical

A 12U brick cage is shown here, allowing for 24 Half Width Bricks to be installed. The use of a standard cage removes the need for vendor specific rails, allows for easy pre-installation of low cost mechanical items while enabling standard server installation.

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Snap in Cables

Shown here is the rear of a 12U brick cage, including the power and data cutouts that leverage the Open19 data connector and power connector couplers.