An Open Standard for the Datacenter


The Open19 Project technology defines standards that allow innovation while bringing scale and efficiency to form factor and physical infrastructure components of the modern datacenter.

An Open Standard

Custom Cloud and Edge Datacenters

The Open19 Project is an open platform for the efficient deployment and management of servers, storage and networking in any standard 19” rack environment. Open19 technology is made of four primary elements: a mechanical brick cage, flexible server bricks, a centralized power shelf and blind mate power and data cable connectors.

At the heart of the technology is the server brick, which supports four form factors:

  • brick – half width, 1U
  • double-wide brick – full width, 1U
  • double-high half-wide brick – half width, 2U
  • double-high double-wide brick – full width, 2U

The Open19 Platform is the best solution for rapid deployment and servicing of custom cloud and edge datacenter technologies — providing a standardized platform for diverse data center deployments from half rack to thousands of racks. Key benefits of an Open19 deployment include:

  • Ability to use any 19″ rack with options for varied rack levels
  • Disaggregated data centers
  • Faster integration
  • Cost Effective with large savings on key components
  • Power efficiency with highly available, platinum power shelf
  • Fully redundant infrastructure
Technology Deep Dive

Learn about Open19 Technology Components

The Open19 Project defines manufacturing ready specifications for all the major components of modern datacenter rack deployments. The project includes 4 major technology areas:

  • Brick Cage – The heart of the Open19 system is the mechanical form factor, called the “brick cage”.
  • Power Shelf – The Open19 system brings safe, efficient and redundant power with per eFuse monitoring to every server. A snap-in power cable harness is used to reach each server brick.
  • Server Bricks – Server bricks are a defined mechanical sled design that fit standard half and full width motherboards and mate with the Brick Cage, as well as power and data couplers. Each brick receives 400W of power and 100G of data connectivity.
  • Data Cable – A high speed data cable is used to bring flexible connectivity to each brick.

The modular benefit of the Open19 solution allow for highly flexible rack deployments, either per customer or even on a rack by rack basis, while retaining the efficiency and cost benefits of an integration hyperscale solution. Additionally, given the tool-less and cable-less installation model for server bricks, long integration cycles and expensive on-site technicians are removed. There is no need for expensive and lengthy “rack and roll” deployment models with Open19 — allowing customers to deploy their server investments in a just-in-time model.

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