Open19 Foundation Member Spotlight – Silicom

Silicom Connectivity Solutions is a provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions, including FPGA programmable Ethernet cards, server adapters, edge networking solutions, and more. 

Boris Beletsky, Silicom’s AVP, Emerging Technologies, recently sat down with us to share what Silicom’s involvement in the Open19 Foundation means to him.

What prompted Silicom to join the Open19 Foundation?

For years Silicom has developed reference platforms that have been widely adopted by leading hardware manufacturers and COTS system builders. Working with Open19 is a natural step to further advance the open ecosystem of whitebox solutions standardization.

How does Silicom contribute to the Open19 Foundation community and what are your goals as a member?

With more than 200 add-in modules and cards for COTS systems, Silicom has significant experience in the field. As members we look forward to sharing our extensive experience in accelerating heavy compute-intensive workloads with the Open19 community.

Managing different elements within the infrastructure requires the capability to integrate with both new and existing platforms. We are contributing elements — such as Micro-BMC — that enable the next generation of secure service provisioning and platform management.

How are open data center and edge solutions impacting the industry and how do you see them evolving over the next decade?

The open systems market is blooming, with companies like AT&T and China Mobile adopting a white box approach. We believe that standardization of these types of systems will further accelerate adoption.

We anticipate that the industry will further evolve and mature, empowered by open ecosystems and communities, towards seamless integration of compute, storage and networking — as well as integration of next-generation accelerators and machine-learning technologies. 

About Silicom

Silicom Ltd. is a provider of high-performance networking and data infrastructure solutions designed primarily to improve performance and efficiency in cloud and data center environments. Silicom’s solutions increase throughput, decrease latency and boost the performance of servers and networking appliances, the infrastructure backbone that enables advanced cloud architectures and leading technologies like NFV, SD-WAN and cybersecurity. 

Silicom’s innovative solutions for high-density networking, high-speed fabric switching, offloading and acceleration utilize a range of silicon technologies as well as FPGA-based solutions, and are ideal for scaling-up and scaling-out cloud infrastructures.

Silicom’s products are used by major cloud players, service providers, telcos and OEMs as components of their infrastructure offerings, including both add-on adapters in the Data Center and stand-alone virtualized/universal CPE devices at the edge. 

More information is available on their website.