New Member Spotlight – New Continuum Data Centers

The Open19 Foundation is excited to welcome New Continuum Data Centers as a corporate member. Based in Chicago, New Continuum is a multi-tenant data center operator providing colocation services. We recently talked with New Continuum CEO Eli Scher, who says the company is focused on the data center environment, ecosystem and ease of consumption.

Scher explains that one of New Continuum’s core values is constant innovation with the primary objective of realizing efficiencies. He was introduced to the basic concept of Open19 by another member company representative, and quickly realized the potential of Open19 integration into his strategic vision for New Continuum to be a leader in next-generation co-location services.   

“The efficiencies in procurement of this model are extremely compelling, and when integrated with the right user interface, the ease of consumption is similarly compelling,” says Scher. “From that point the question for me was how do I support this technology and bring it to my data center? It was clear that joining the Foundation was the right decision for New Continuum.”

Scher shared New Continuum’s plan to commit its resources to promote the objectives of the Open19 Foundation and dedicate time to the continued study and development of its standards. In addition, he hopes to contribute operating knowledge toward the improvement and enhancement of products from a multi-tenant/colocation perspective and facilitate a development environment on the network and cooling sides; specifically for Open19 technologies and deploying vendors.

“My first goal is to learn as much as possible in order to fully express the capabilities of the technology in my own product offering,” Scher added.

He also looks forward to attending the Open19 Summit on September 26-27 and meeting others similarly passionate about Open19 technology.  

With the varying forms of compute being introduced in the modern data center, it has become evident that different applications require vastly different hardware. The Open19 solution utilizes existing 19-inch racks but disaggregates the standard web server into various forms of compute as interchangeable building blocks. To Scher, this solution allows nearly every existing environment to be customizable, potentially saving consumers thousands of dollars per rack.

“It makes sense for the little guy and the big guy, assuming the data center can provide adequate connectivity, upstream power and cooling support,” he explains.

As a data center operator, New Continuum spends much of its time on the amenities and ecosystem. Scher asserts that data centers are homes for applications and if operators are able to build a rich ecosystem of fiber providers and interconnection while also providing the first stop of compute and interconnect as traffic travels back from tower to core, the applications requiring a combination of dense compute and efficient routing will continue to grow.

“The Open19 Foundation has developed a solution that can easily take these ready-built facilities and populate them with custom-built compute for any application, so if the Foundation continues to successfully promote the standard, in my view, it could be very constructive for the industry,” states Scher.

“The Open19 Foundation continues to grow and welcomes innovators such as New Continuum,” said Open19 President Yuval Bachar. “We are excited to see what this group will bring to the Foundation and how we can all work together to achieve our goals, bringing a truly open-source solution to the marketplace.”

For more information on New Continuum Data Centers, visit their website.