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The Open19 Community is a collection of data center and technology innovators, end user and suppliers that work together in an open and collaborative manner. Join the conversation and add your voice!

For Developers

Specifications, working groups and project files are available at the Open19 GitLab community.

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For Community

End users, vendors and working group participants interact in realtime via Slack.

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For Business

Interested in buying from or selling to Open19 vendors and end users? Visit our LinkedIn group.

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Open19 Workgroups

As an Open19 member, participate in the workgroups shaping the v2 specifications.

Thursdays at 11 EST- 1 EST

Workgroups: Power, Cooling, Mechanical, Networking

Join the project as a member to participate in the v2 specification design and discussions.

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Join the organizations below in the Open19 workgroups shaping the v2 specifications.

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