Our Mission

Open19 Foundation

Open19 Project aims to create and nurture the leading community for datacenter and in-rack hardware innovation in the world. As the Open Hardware Project of the Linux Foundation, our community designs open standards for the modern datacenter that are customizable, flexible and economical.

Open19 Community

Solving Challenges Together

The Open19 Community enables data center operators, suppliers and users to collectively solve common challenges for a data-driven future. Open19 technology standards address use cases for data center operators of all sizes.

The Open19 Community includes:

  • Service providers and enterprise customers deploying anywhere from hundreds of servers to 10,000+ servers per year
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other supply chain companies interested in an open-standard form factor, while having flexibility in commercial and licensing models for their own products
  • Data center, telecom, tower and other real estate owners that want to invest in an open standard for distributing and operating critical data center technologies
  • System integration and other managed service providers who integrate data center technologies
Open19 Beginnings

History of the Project

The Open19 Foundation began in 2016 as a concept initiated by LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and VaporIO. It was established to create a community for a new generation of open data centers and edge solutions, and has since grown to be the leading community for groundbreaking data center technologies.

With dozens of corporate and supply chain members and thousands of community supporting members, the Open19 Community comprises the entire data center and edge ecosystem, from components and system suppliers and integrators to data center operators.

Released to the public in 2019, this open platform defines a cross-industry common server form factor for the entire industry.

The Open19 specifications were contributed to the Open Compute Project in 2019, providing the OCP Community with more options for data center open standards and creating efficiency for data center markets.

In 2021, Open19 joined the Linux Foundation as the primary project for hardware innovation in the world’s largest open source community.