What is Open19?


The Open19 Project is a community that creates and maintains a set of open source standards that power the world's leading data center and edge infrastructure solutions.

The Beginning

History of Open19

The Open19 Foundation was founded in 2016 by infrastructure innovators at LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and VaporIO who were looking for a community-based way to solve cost, efficiency and operational challenges of datacenter deployments. An innovative 19″ rack standard was born with a governance model that encourages both innovation and commercialization in an open, community driven model.

The Foundation and its community created open specifications for a brick cage that fits into standard 19″ datacenter racks, a variety of server brick format factors, unique “plug and play” power and network connectors and a high-efficiency power shelf. The standard has since been adopted by leading technology suppliers, datacenter operators and enterprise and service provider customers.

In late 2020, The Open19 Foundation joined the Linux Foundation, bringing its community of hardware and datacenter innovators to the world’s largest open source ecosystem.

Innovation Continues

Open19 at the Linux Foundation

Now part of the Linux Foundation, the The Open19 Project is the world’s leading community for the innovation of the modern datacenter, with a focus on environment sustainability, globally efficient cloud to edge deployment models and a diverse network of supply chain partners.

Open19’s unique focus on physical form factor standards allows OEM’s and ODM’s, as well as end users themselves, to develop new hardware solutions that comply with the Open19 form factor specification while retaining control and commercial capabilities. And given the Open19 brick complies with standard 19″ racks, customers can leverage a large supply of existing motherboard solutions and adapt them easily to be deployed in an Open19 rack solution.

Using Open19, customers of all sizes can take advantage of the power, environmental and operating efficiencies of the latest in data center innovation.