2019: The Year of Accelerated Open19 Adoption

With 2019 well under way, we’re already seeing major innovations in the data center industry and progress toward the Open19 Foundation’s goal of creating a community to support a new generation of open data center and edge solutions. The Open19 Foundation is at the forefront of the open data center movement, making 2019 the year for Open19 technology adoption. This year will see Open19 technology deployment across the data center and edge environments, as well as industry adoption of the Open19 standard.

Community members should expect announcements from Open19 Foundation member companies as they continue to develop solutions and deploy the Open19 form factor. The Foundation is excited for the increased momentum and growth in the Open19 ecosystem, with new member companies and community members joining the movement from all corners of the industry.

Why Open19?

Last year, LinkedIn contributed the Open19 Project to the Foundation, making it possible for anyone to develop products based on this technology. We’re happy to announce that the specifications and corresponding documentation are now available for public download on our website.

The Open19 Project specification defines a cross-industry common server form factor, creating a flexible and economic data center and edge solution for operators of all sizes. Adopting Open19 technology provides considerable benefits, both to product developers and the industry at large:

  • Ease of deployment — Open19 form factor fits any 19” rack, resulting in 3-5 times faster rack-level integration time
  • Efficient power — Single-stage 96% power consumption and no server power supplies
  • Cost savings — Rack-level cost reductions and solution cost savings of more than 40% CapEx
  • User-friendly design — Leverages existing servers with bricks fitting most existing motherboards
  • Edge-optimized — Standardized truck roll for disaggregated edge locations

Open19 isn’t just a movement, it’s a community of like-minded companies and individuals dedicated to establishing new open industry specifications based on a common form factor. Join the community and be a part of the movement that’s changing future of data center design today.